The first shirt I designed for our brand launch needed to communicate what Streetletes is about as a brand uing bold, yet minimal aesthetic. Flipping the word “play” upsiden down communicates a sense of youthfulness and fun, but also lets people know that we are a different kind of sportwear brand. We have unique approach and are entering sports culture from a different angle. Hence, the revolution of play.


This shirt was released in two colorways, navy blue and black, both with yellow print. The shirts are 50% polyester, 25% ringsprung cotton, and 25% rayon. 



The second shirt I designed for our brand launch needed to make a bold statement about our values as a brand that resonated with our community. Here are the designer’s notes I wrote to accompany the shirt:


To redact means to edit or cross out that which is not for the public eye. In this case, redaction is used to obscure that which is not a positive influence on sports culture. All that matters is the game. Having fun and a displaying a passion for the what you do is more important than seeking money, fame, and personal glory.  Let your game speak for itself, and just have fun.


This shirt was released in two colorways—emerald green and black—both with white print. The shirts are 50% polyester, 25% ringsprung cotton, and 25% rayon.




For our second season, I expanded our product line by introducing outwear. Beanies with embroidered logos are a cold weather essential inspired by my history as a runner. We released them in three colorways—royal blue, gray, and black—all with yellow embroidery, and made of 100% acrylic.  


In sports, good defense leads to good offense. This was the concept behind our sweatshirts. These hoodies the defense that allows you to play good offense in the winter. This idea carries over into the “FOR THE PLAY OF IT” motto that arches over and covers the Streetletes logo to symbolize the security and warmth this product provides. We released them in the same three colorways as the beanies, and they are made of 50% polester and 50% cotton.