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Parameters of the assignment:

- Create a hero image using multiple layers of type, pattern, and images that represents a culture you are passionate about.

- Choose a word to represent that culture and display it in the design. 


For my design, I chose the word “brand” to represent my passion for sportswear culture. Brands are a point of connection for people of all backgrounds, as well as for the cities from which the brands originate. I used the adidas brand as my main source of inspiration because they use sports and creative action as a medium to move culture. I incorporated the Avant Garde Gothic type from the adidas logo, photos of my own adidas sneakers, and weaved their iconic three stripes design into the pattern. The color palette is based on the colorways of the sneakers I photographed. 

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Perameters of the assignment:

- Pick an animal to represent the culture you picked for the hero image, and design a logo.

- Design the logo so that the animal fits into the form of a geometric shape.


I picked a kangaroo for my logo because I wanted an animal that embodies sport, both as a lifestyle and in its form. The kangaroo represents athleticism, tradition, and the evolution of sports as it relates to the broader context of the cultures in which they are played. 


One of the challenges of this design included fitting the form of the kangaroo into the shape of a triangle. I found that if I tilted the triangle on its tip (the foot of the kangaroo) that it would create tension and imply forward movement.

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